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Our partners

Gokul Knitt Fabbs - A factory established in 2005 with an exceptional track record of working with small brands focused on sustainability. Helping them to scale quickly whilst being agile enough to provide unique RnD facilities. They have endeavoured to develop into a leader in both social and sustainable standards confirmed through their globally recognised certifications

  • GOTS 2017-076 - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification
  • OEKOTEX – CLASS 1 - you can be certain that every component is harmless for human health
  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS 4.0:2017)
  • OCS 2017-019 Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification
  • ABS Quality Evaluations  SA 8000:2014

And here is where it all started…

Resortecs - Is a Belgium based startup on a mission to make recycling easy and actionable for fashion brands, recyclers and all supply chain partners through innovative design-for-disassembly technology.

To you and us this is essentially thread. Using their innovative thread we have made a significant step forward to circularity. Their thread melts using a patented oven allowing us to retain all our zips and poppers without wasting a single bit of cotton. The panels of cotton are then sold to cotton upcyclers to make a technical thread for use in high-end technical clothing, like ski-wear.