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What can I send back to you to upcycle?

Any baby basics, from any brand that are white/pale coloured. 

What condition do the clothes need to be in to send back?

No requirements, send us your unusables! We want them all, stained, ripped, destroyed and all. 

How do I send back clothes for upcycle

Click HERE.

My used clothes are very stained/ripped, can I still send back? 

Yes, throw them in our Sproot Bag and send them back. 

How does the reward credit work?

You receive £2.50 credit for every bag of clothing you send back to us to upcycle. A little thank you for helping us on our mission to help reduce waste. 

Can I share my reward credit with someone else? 

You are more than welcome to explore our gift options, credit applies to the whole website.  GIFTS

What happens to the clothes I send back?

We upcycle them into something new, making your buying journey fully circular.