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The curious sustainability norm we want to change

There are two elements that make a product sustainable. The amount of energy used to produce it and secondly the method by which it is disposed of. This means that even if the most sustainable sourced material is used to make a product. If it is only worn a few times and then binned. As is the trend for essentials, it can not be classified as a sustainable product. This is why we aim to buck the trend within baby clothes of using bamboo and then charging a sustainability premium. Bamboo is produced in a similar way to ranon which is significantly harmful chemical process to produce and is hard to widely upcycle.

We align with the EU view that polluters must take responsibility for their products and further that parents should not be penalised for trying to make the right choice (and when they do make the right choice we must be transparent about how far we are going

This is why we are so passionate about our return model. It is just the start but will give us the foundation to offer fairly priced sustainable garments to parents. Allowing us to start the journey to a truly circular product. Which really is the only truly sustainable option that the planet will accept