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Sproots Sustainable Vision

Our Misision

Wear, send back, reward, upcycle.
The only truly sustainable baby brand.


We believe that the responsibility of the lifecycle of products you buy sits with the creators. 

That’s why we are sustainably led and our brand has been created as a fully circular journey for our clothing, without costing the earth. 

Therefore our Sproot service was born: Wear, Send back, Reward, Upcycle. 

What happens to the clothes you send back?

  1. Upcycle good condition Sproot basics into limited edition accessories 
  2. Donate good quality non-sproot items
  3. Sell poor-quality Sproot basics to recyclers through strategic partnerships.
  4. Any items not falling into these buckets we ensure go to well-credited recyclers. 

A lot of waste comes from baby clothes: More than 183 million items of kids’ clothing are thrown into landfills yearly. (source: hubbub)

The collecting and sorting is a major contributor to this: 60% of the total waste associated with the clothing lifecycle arises from final disposal. (Source: Camilla Munkedal via the Institute of Positive Fashion)

Even when clothes get into a recycling system most is downcycled: Less than 1% of textile waste is recycled into new fibers suitable for the fashion industry (source: GFA monitor 2022)

Our future:

  1. Become fully circular consistently making new products from send backs
  2. Create revenue from items too stained
  3. Donate less than 5%

Thank you for your helping us help make the world a better place.

Wear, send back, reward, upcycle.
The only truly sustainable baby brand.