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Our new standard for Quality, Price & Disposal

Unlike other textiles sectors, baby essentials are separated into three clear buckets. High street, Premium and Luxury. The main differentiator is price and sustainability credentials, we aim to achieve best of both worlds

Luxury sustainability credentials and premium quality at high street pricing

We have put a large focus on attaining the highest quality - using GOTS organic ribbed cotton for a fantastic fit even after washes. While our features are specifically designed for the 3am nappy change

By prioritising manufacture we have achieved luxury quality while ensuring our prices remain within reach of all. But by utilising our credit on-return process, the price of your next purchase competes with all highstreet brands

This is why a brand that owns the manufacture and disposal moments of a product brings significant benefits to parents

Our unique circular model allows us to take ownership of the resources we have used to make our products and ensure that instead of becoming waste we can upcycle them. We know new parents have enough to worry about without being held accountable for disposing of brown-tinged onesies. We work with an innovative startup called Resortecs to ensure all our fastenings are recaptured, and our cotton is shredded and then utilised for technical thread.

Owning disposal allows us to up-cycle the used cotton