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Mothers in the wild

Dolphins are well-known for their curiosity, agility, and social capabilities. When they are born, like newborns, dolphin calves need the company and direction of their mother to begin their development.

Mother is a source of wisdom.

Dolphin mothers have quite complex methods of teaching. First, their young depend entirely on them to grow and acquire everything that's needed.

Human mothers are aware of the morality needed to teach their child to walk. While dolphins are born with the ability to swim, they can first express insecurity, so it's essential that they receive their mother's guidance in order to build confidence.

Breast milk = protection

The bottlenose dolphin takes around a year and a half to gestate. mothers start nursing their newborns six hours after giving birth, using colostrum, which contains antibodies to help in the babies' early protection. The mother will then breastfeed her child for the first four to eight days of life, or for as long as two years, starting in the early months of the baby's life.

A fantastic team is there to support the mother.

The dolphin mothers make sure that there is constant, efficient communication once they have taught the calves the fundamentals of survival. This allows the calves to grow up healthy and thrive after being assimilated into their pods. While that happens, mothers and calves spend every moment together, although from time to time their pod intervenes to help in the breeding process.