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Easier to return than dispose

We make it easier to send back used essentials than it is to store or dispose  of them yourself (especially if storing involves that dreaded ladder to the attic). We hope this leave more space for memories with your child.  We do this by offering free returns and will credit you 50p for every one of our items you send back. 

We recognise that there is a huge hand-me-down culture within baby clothes. However, at best this gives items one more life cycle, and often 80% of the hand-me-downs are binned due to quality issues. This is resulting in 178 million tonnes of baby clothes hitting landfill every year.


Our goal is to give our cotton an endless lifecycle. To do this, we need to step away from accepting simple recycling or reuse solutions which inevitably result in the items hitting landfill at some point. Instead, we set ourselves the goal of upcycling our cotton. Ensuring that in its next life, it is of a quality that will allow it to be purchased as a product. As such, we are working with an Innovative startup called Resortec to dismantle are items and then shred them to become a technical thread.