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About Us

Hi, we are Will and Will, best friends since four years old but never colleagues…until Sproot Baby, a baby brand with a purpose was born.

Now, you might be wondering what two guys who have no obvious background in fashion or retail are doing launching a baby brand. But hear us out.

We are passionate about sustainability and doing things better for us and our planet. As a result we are constantly disappointed that large-scale fashion houses and high-street retailers always seem to penalise this choice with their pricing. This is fine for adults who can buy better quality items that last. But the problem really hit home when one of us had a baby. All of a sudden you have the same issue but with a need to buy new clothes every three months as the little human grows!

Hence Sproot Baby.   

We are only starting our journey, but we want Sproot Baby to be different and to change the way parents think about their child’s clothing needs. 

Central to our mission is the belief that it is our duty as a manufacturer and retailer to care for our products for their entire life. This includes their end of life. That time when you as parents are finished with them, when your baby has become a toddler or they are so stained they can’t appear in anymore cute photos. 

That’s where we come in. As well as making great essentials, we will take back your used items and upcycle them to give them a new life reducing textile waste and what ends up in landfill.

What’s more, we hope to realise real cost savings by doing this and want to share them with you. Planet friendly, sustainable clothing that meets you everyday needs should be available to all without penalties.

Will & Will

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