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6 Positive ways to prepare for labour

1. Empower yourself

It can be tempting to try not to think about your baby's birth while you're feeling anxious, but knowledge truly is power. Gaining more knowledge about what happens can help you feel better. It will also assist you in deciding on the method of delivery for your child.
Discuss anything you're particularly worried about with your midwife. They will address any queries you may have and outline the steps involved in a safe delivery.

2. Prepare your mind

Try not to listen to horror stories about labour These will not make you feel any less anxious. Remember that there will always be someone else with wonderful stories to share for every bad one.
If you have previously had a difficult birth, this may be even more difficult for you. However, many parents have informed us that maintaining a happy mindset is incredibly beneficial.

3. Prepare your body

Maintaining an active lifestyle is a wonderful way to prepare your body for labour, which can need strength and endurance. One more great way to reduce stress during pregnancy is to exercise. Check out what maternal exercise classes are available in your area.
Pregnancy yoga classes teach you breathing and relaxation techniques to help you stay calm throughout delivery, as well as poses that can support you during the process.
Actually, as long as you enjoy it and it's safe to do while pregnant, any kind of exercise is fantastic. Even if you don't have the time or money to participate in a class, taking a stroll in the park will benefit you. It may also improve your mood.

4. Practise relaxation techniques

Breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety both before and during childbirth. You can even use it to manage your discomfort. You might discover that you keep more calm during your pregnancy if you practise, which might lessen anxiety. Additionally, it will help you in entering the zone when your labour begins.

You can stay calm during your pregnancy and throughout delivery by practicing meditation and visualisation. You might be able to use the strategies you've learnt even if your labour doesn't turn out as anticipated.

5. Think about your birth plan

A birth plan is an excellent means of communicating to your medical team your preferences for what should and should not occur during delivery. When you are in labour and may not feel like chatting, it can be quite helpful.
Writing a birth plan and considering your options can also make you feel more in control and less nervous. Just keep in mind that labour does not always go as planned, so be ready to adjust your plans as needed.

6. Just breathe... you’re doing great