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Everyday ways to supercharge your baby’s brain!

From morning feedings to bedtime, there are lots of routine opportunities to nurture your baby's development.

1. Breast or bottle feeding Feeding your little one isn't just great bonding time—it's also a great opportunity to get the brain working. When you’re feeding, you’re looking at your baby and the two of you are making facial expressions back and forth. Respond and repeat your little one’s noises to help the formation of words.

2. Bath time It's not just bath time—it’s math and science time! Toddlers love to pour water from one container to another, and while your little one is happily playing in the tub, they’re also learning cause and effect, how gravity works and observing the volume of water. Bath time also offers a great opportunity to interact with your babe: Sing songs while you’re soaping up to help develop her language skills, and use the washcloth to play peekaboo.

3. Taking a walk Point to things like the sky, trees and birds and name them, and boost baby brain development by using words to describe the rhythm of different terrain you’re going over: "This sidewalk is bumpy" and "The road is smooth." If your stroller can adjust so your baby is facing you, she’ll be able to watch your mouth while you’re forming words, which helps her learn to talk.

4. Mealtime There’s a universal game little ones play when they're in a high chair: Let me drop this food (or spoon, or cup, or toy) on the floor and see what happens! They also work on pincer grasp picking up small finger foods, enhancing fine motor skill. You can also use mealtime to teach them new concepts, like different textures, and to describe the difference between hot and cold.

5. Bedtime Many parents include a bedtime story as part of the end-of-day routine, which is a great way to boost baby brain development. The bedtime routine is also wonderful bonding time.